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How it Works

WE work work within the law to "The Letter of the Law".  

Correct Credit Reports are your Right!

We have found that through the years…  Consistently good service and continually accomplishing exactly what we say we can do will be proven to you as well, if you choose to use our service.

The entire process is complex and time consuming.  Dedicating the right people with proper focused efforts and fortitude will defiantly pay off for you by reflecting corrected and favorable credit scores and reports.  Getting you on the right track and opening your credit responsibility back in your hand where it belongs is our goal.  We want you to have a Fresh Start and only see you this once as a client.  We also do look forward to your letters of good credit responsibility, continued consistency, and your personal esteem growth.

Now onto how this whole process works:

Our experience as fortuned us with the growth that actually molded the process that we use today.  Through seemingly un-relentless perseverance, we have formulated the procedures that have been completely successful by pushing the limits of “The Letter of the Law”.

Step 1: Your credit reports.
You begin each cycle by forwarding to us copies of your credit reports from all three of the major credit bureaus. Keep in mind that the credit bureaus will only correspond directly with you, not a law firm or a credit correction agency. Without receiving these updated reports we will have no way of knowing which items were removed successfully or not. Updated reports should be mailed via the United States Post Office or hand delivered (if possible) to our office, not faxed or emailed

Step 2: Choose what you wish to dispute.
Once your credit reports are received our staff enters the information into our database. Using our service you can choose which items you wish to dispute from bad credit, incorrect credit information, high debt-to-income ratios of good credit, to judgments and so on.  We organize all of the efforts including directing you with the information and pointing you in the proper direction as and when needed.  We will be working as  team with us at the credit correction helm.

Step 3: Working on the Credit Correction process.
We begin at the dispute process by drawing upon the credit report repair strategies and experience to challenge all negative items directly to the desired credit bureaus. Depending on the number of negative items on your credit reports this step will be repeated for each subsequent response through this cycle.  Our Target is 3 months to complete your Credit Correction process and there is no extra charge for longer periods of time if needed.  Please remember that we only charge a flat fee and all items are included in our Credit Correction processing fee.

Step 4: Understanding the process and delivering updated credit reports.
The credit bureaus have only 30 days to investigate your dispute and act on or respond to. After that, they must inform you of the results of their investigation, update your credit report and send you a copy of the updated report. It usually takes 30 to 45 days between the day we send a dispute and you receive an updated report. When you receive a response from a bureau, make a copy of the updated report for your records then send the original to us for further Credit Correction refinements and to move your case forward properly. Your goals will soon be realized.

We hope this helps clear up some of those areas within your mind regarding the process of your Credit Correction. We always encourage you to call us with specific questions if you have them or want to.

Please remember that this is a process and patience is appreciated, we know that you are eager to get your Credit Corrections cleared up.  Your credit has taken a lifetime to get to here and we will correct your credit as soon as we possibly can.  The credit agencies are not on our “Credit Correction” sides.  The banks and agencies that use the credit bureau’s services as excuses for higher rates enjoy making more money from those higher percentages of interest from you.

WE want you to get exactly what you want, including Getting your Credit Life Back.

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