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About Us

About Erase My Credit

We are a team of professionals that specialize in credit recovery "credit clean up."  Your credit report controls many aspects of your life. 

Our Mission is to successfully assist you in the removal of unwanted items currently reported on your credit files.  Our methodology is backed by more than 25 years of experience in the credit recovery industry.

Our Process:  after you become a client we will obtain a copy of your credit report to review and plan a course of action.  Then, we will write letters for you addressed to the three major credit reporting bureaus disputing each negative item and email (or mail) these letters to you.  You will print and sign the letters and mail them to their respective credit bureaus.  Our program keeps you informed and involved with your progress at all times.  In 45-60 days or sooner, you will receive a revised credit report from each of the credit bureaus.  Many of the negative items will have been removed. 

Finally, you will mail these revised reports to us in their original form so that together we may continue the dispute process for the remaining items.

The three major credit bureaus receive thousand of letters daily and they will often try to discourage you from continuing.  Persistence is the key to our success.  Federal Law is very specific.  Section 611 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act states that the credit bureaus must reinvestigate our disputes.  It is our knowledge of these laws and our combined diligence that makes Erase My Credit credit clean up program work.

to do for YOU what we have already done for ten's of thousands!

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