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Erase My Credit has provided credit corrections for tens of thousands of clients. Many of our customers have gone from terrible credit to AAA+ or upper 780 Credit Bureau scores within a short time.  Each client that enters our exclusive “Credit Correction” program receives complete individual attention.

Our teams of professionals concentrate exclusively on a single customers needs at a time. Solving our clients credit concerns and creating Excellent Credit Reports is this Firms single goal.  By utilizing our resource teams of in-house attorneys you are assured that your progress is tracked, complete, and definite.

Our fee is a one-time expense that is backed with your direct corrected results along with a Money Back Written Guarantee… Your results will be permanently removed or corrected forever...

Our fee provides you with the confidence that your Credit Bureau scores will be reporting the updated information soon, whether you had one blemish or hundreds of them. Your specific need for “Credit Correction” depends on your individual demands. From high debt-to-income ratios to complex Credit Corrections are all easily within our scope of business.

We will start your “Credit Correction” process at the moment we receive payment.  Charging repeatedly and dragging you endlessly through monthly long-term performance fee contracts is not our position of professional service for quick results or dependable services to our clients.  Completing proper credit adjustments and getting your information updated quickly, is our concern and primary objective.

On April 12, 1971, the United States Senate passed the  “Fair Credit Reporting Act”.  This was supposed to ensure that credit-reporting agencies report your credit accurately.  Well, they don’t.  This is where we come in and compel those agencies to report your Credit information accurately.  We argue and deliver to 100% of the letter of the law.

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